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Masterclasses on Video

By Thorsten von Overgaard. Instant delivery via e-mail.

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Thorsten Overgaard Leica M11 Video Masterclass

Thorsten Overgaard
Leica M11
Video Masterclass

The Leica M11 Video Masterclass is two hours of video and a PDF checklist for trying out things for yourself.

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For computer, smartphone and iPad
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Only $398.00

Item #2152-0222



Thorsten Overgaard Leica M10 Video Masterclass

The Leica M10 Video Masterclass is 90 minutes of video and a 27 page checklist for trying out things for yourself.

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For computer, smartphone and iPad
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Only $398.00

Item #1801-0917

"I just finished you Leica M10 Masterclass Video and I must say, your focusing section was worth the price of the entire ensemble. I, like so many others, think we must be doing something wrong when our pics are not in focus!"
- T. A. (Zurich)



Thorsten Overgaard Leica M240 Video Masterclass

The Leica M240 Video Masterclass is two hours of video and a 20 page checklist for trying out things for yourself.

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For computer, smartphone and iPad
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ONLY $398.00

Item #1844-1017


Leica Q2
Masterclass on Video

14 Video Masterclass Episodes
by Thorsten Overgaard.
For computer, smartphone and iPad.
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Includes Free presets/styles
(value $118.00)

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$ 398.00

Item #1914-0319
Released August 23, 2019.



Thorsten Overgaard
Leica TL2 Quick Intro
Video Class

The Leica TL2 Video Quick-Start Course is video chapters and a eBook checklist.

It's sort of a one-on- one to get you on top of the learning courve right now, so you know all the right settings and how to do all the things right from day one.
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For computer, smartphone and iPad
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$ 179.00

Item #1792-0817

Everything about the camera and
how to use it in the world outside.


Thorsten Overgaard Leica M9 Video Masterclass

The Leica M9 Video Masterclass is two hours of video and an eBook checklist for trying out things for yourself.

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For computer, smartphone and iPad

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Leica Q Video Course

"Leica Q Video Masterclass"

2 hours of video and 20 pages of checklist for things to try out.

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  Leica Q Video Course

Bundle of Video Masterclass & eBook:
Leica Q Video Course - $248.00
The know-all eBook on the Leica Q - $128.00
+ Leica Q Presets for Lightroom -

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For computer, iPad, smartphone and Kindle.
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This is the complete bundle:
Leica Q Video Course,
the Leica Q Masterclass eBook
and Lightroom Presets for Leica Q.








Save 45% on Leica Q2 Full Pack:

14 video classes with work book + 448 page Leica Q2 eBook,
Q2 Styles for CaptureOne + Q2 Lightroom Presets.




Full Leica Q2 Pack

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14 video classes with work book
448 page eBook
Q2 Styles for CaptureOne
Q2 Lightroom Presets.

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the new masterclass on video
"Mastering the Noctilux" 
by Thorsten Overgaard

Preorder the new masterclass on video
"Mastering the Noctilux"
by Thorsten Overgaard

Mastering the Noctliux

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This video class will make you love the Noctilux even more, and will make you appreciate the challenge of using it - and impress yourself and others with the photographs you can make with it.

- Focusing school.
- Chasing bicycles.
- EVF or Rangefinder?
- Getting the Noctilux Exposure right.
- Making dreams come thorugh.
- Noctilux portaits.
- Improving depth of field (of any lens).
- Noctilux cityscapes and landscapes.
- The history of Noctilux editions.
- The secrets of the Noctilux.
- and more...


Thorsten Overgaard:
"Street Photography

"How to do Leica M
Street Photography"
Thorsten Overgaard

Video Masterclass
18 videos and PDF sheet with assignments. Easy to do, logical to follow. and get great results.
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100% Satisfaction or Money Back.

Released September 20, 2019.
 Item #1848-0318

Thorsten Overgaard uses Leica M10
and Leica M9 in this class.

"I was shy to take people photo on the street until I watched the Masterclass on Street Photography.
I walked along yesterday morning and saw many beautiful people with their daily life - very interesting.
Thank you!"
P. B. (Los Angeles)









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Leica Definitions
Leica History
Leica Lens Compendium
Leica Camera Compendium
Leica 21mm Super-Elmar-M ASPH f/3.4
Leica 21mm Super-Angulon f/3.4
Leica 21mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4

Leica 28mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4
Leica 35mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4
Leica 35mm Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0
Leica 35mm APO-Summicron-M f/2.0

Leica 40mm Summicron-C f/2.0
Leica 50mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/0.95
Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M f/2.0
Leica 50mm Summicron-M f/2.0
Leica 50mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4
7artisans 50mm f/1.1
Leica 75mm Summilux-M f/1.4
Leica 75mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/1.25
7artisans 75mm f/1.25
Leica 90mm Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0
Leica 90mm Summilux f/1.5
Leica 35-70mm Vario-Elmarit-R f/2.8
Leitz Cine lenses
Leica L lenses
Leica M11
Leica M10
Leica M10-P

Leica M10-R
Leica M10-D
Leica M10 Monochrom
Leica M9, M9-P and Leica ME
Leica M9 Monochrom
Leica M 240
Leica M 240 for video
Leica M 262
Leica M-D 262

Leica M 246 Monochrom

Leica SL
Leica SL2
Leica SL2-S

Panasonic Lumix S1R
Leica R9 dSLR
Leica Q
Leica Q2
Leica Q2 Monochrom
Leica CL
Leica TL2
Leica Sofort
Leica S digital medium format
Leica X
Leica D-Lux

Leica C-Lux

Leica V-Lux

Leica Digilux

Leica Digilux 1

Leica Digilux 2
Leica Digilux Zoom

Leica Digilux 4.3

Leica Digilux 3

Light metering
White Balance for More Beauty
Color Meters

Screen Calibration
Which computer to get
Sync'ing photo archive to iPhone
The Story Behind That Picture
"On The Road With von Overgaard"

Von Overgaard Masterclasses:
M10 / M9 / M240 / Q / Q2 / TL2 /



Thorsten Overgaard
Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish born multiple award-winning AP photographer, known for his writings about photography and Leica cameras. He travels to more than 25 countries a year, photographing and teaching workshops which cater to Leica enthusiasts. Some photos are available as signed editions via galleries or online. For specific photography needs, contact Thorsten Overgaard via e-mail.

You can follow him at his television channel and his on-line classroom at

Feel free to e-mail to for
advice, ideas or improvements.


Photo seminars Berlin Copenhagen and Hong Kong

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