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Thorsten's story
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Thorsten Overgaard was born 1965 in Århus.

Thorsten Overgaard
Thorsten (forgot his shawer when away for a week)

Thorsten and Caroline, January 2004 [D1].

My three kids, Robin, Caroline and Oliver at ARoS, June 2005 [Leica R8]

Thorsten Overgaard July 2003
Thorsten by the beach, July 2003 [R4 180]

Thorsten Overgaard 1974 in Beder
Thorsten 1974 in front of the house in Beder where he grew up ...

Maibritt Robin and Thorsten
Maibritt, Robin and Thorsten t the ARoS museum, November 2006 [photo by Caroline, D1]

Thorsten Overgaard August 2002
Thorsten at the beach house, August 2002 [Minilux] ...

Thorsten Overgaard at Freewinds December 2002
Thorsten at Freewinds in the Caribbean, December 2002 [coolpix 3500] ...

Thorsten at Emmerys, April 2004 [D1].

Thorsten Overgaard in Århus August 2002
Thorsten at the beach, August 2002 [Minilux]

Thorsten at Twin Towers in NY, 1996 [F3]

Thorsten and Robin, 29th December 2003.

Thorsten Overgaard and Michael Vater  August 2002
Thorsten and Michael at the Boel wedding, August 2002 [Minilux] ...

Thorsten Overgaard and family 1977
The family Overgaard family portrait 1977. From left Connie, Lis, Søren, Martin, Jytte, Peter and Thorsten.

Thorsten Overgaard and Martin Overgaard August 1971
Thorsten and Martin at Aarhus Beach, August 1971 [Thorsten far left, Martin far right].

Overgaard family Denmark 1800
Some of the family Overgaard from the 1800-century ...

Martin Overgaard and grandpa 1970
Thorstens brother Martin with their grandfather, 1970

Thorstens elder brother, Martin, has always been interested in cars. He has worked at Volvo in Sweden for some years, but has mostly been selling cars; BMW, Honda ... for the last few years it has been Volvo cars ...

The three sisters ca. 1943; Jytte, Lis and Connie. Jytte is Thorstens mother.

Thorstens aunts, Lis and Connie talking on the beach, July 2003 [R4 180] .

Poul Overgaard Nielsen wedding 1962
Thorstens mother and fathers wedding 2 June 1962. In the picture (from left) it is Poul with his mother and father. In the middle of the photo Jyttes grandmother.

Poul Overgaard at Århus Stiftstidende 1984
Thorstens father, Poul Overgaard Nielsen.Here a picture from 1984 when he worked at Århus Stiftstidende, the local paper [EM].

Thorsten Overgaard at AD ONE adveritsing 1999
Thorsten in his AD ONE advertising and internet company [1999] in Randers [F3] ...

Thorsten Overgaard 1989
Thorstens press photo when he opened office in Århus in 1989 [EM] ...

Thorsten Overgaard January 2003
Thorsten doing paperworks at the office, January 2003 [Coolpix 3500] ...

Thorsten Overgaard May 2003
Thorsten being busy, May 2003 [Coolpix 3500] ...

Thorsten Overgaard 1988
Thorsten in 1988 being the executive director for D3 advertising agency (when gold Rolexes, BMW's and such were the in things] [EM]...

Mogens Gårdasmann and Thorsten Overgaard 1980
Mogens Gårdsmann and Thorsten in 1980. A portrait used for promotion of their comics drawing office, Tegnebordet 80 [EM]...

Oliver Overgaard and Bent Jensen 2003
Thorstens uncle, Bent, on the beach with Oliver, July 2003 [R4 180]



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