Kim FogelstrÝm
By: Thorsten Overgaard

Kim was a pusher at age 17, down and out at age 25 but then by a miracle emerged from the dead just in time to reach 30 - Then he made a decision to save the world!

Another World
Denmark and Norway




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"Mom, it is me. Kim. I'm in Sweden and I have to prepare meatballs and "stuvet hvidkål" for 20 people. How is it one do that?"

"Well, you take a ..."

No, you can't do it like that. What is one to say when one haven't heard or seen ones son in three years. And last time you saw him he was down at 62 kilo and looked like an old man, even only 25 years old - and was armed with a 9 mm drum-gun. Drug addict. Pusher. Chronic loser.

You must first find out what is happening. It is very confusing. You could act as if nothing you did not have a sun - but it is hard to forget in the long run. And the others - us readers - must also know, because why does one need a gun for when one is preparing dinner for 20 Swedes.

[Full story has not been translated]



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